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Super Team

481-X Stage II Cylinder Heads

The second generation “low maintenance” 481-X cylinder head design from AJPE for severe duty blown and turbo charged alcohol engine environments…Superior Strength, Durability and Performance, places the AJPE 481-X to the winners circle.

  AJPE Stage II 481-X Cylinder Head


The 481-X cylinder head is in a class all its own. It is part of the purebred 481-X drag race engine designed by Alan Johnson and his AJPE technicians to be the ultimate wedge style engine package in turbo or supercharged alcohol applications. With 45° valve seats the Stage II design will have longer intervals between routine cylinder head service.


Standard Features Include:


  • 73cc Chamber volume
  • 2.400” Intake Valve (11/32 stem diameter)
  • 1.900” Exhaust Valve (11/32 stem diameter)
  • 45° Intake and Exhaust Seat Angles.
  • Copper alloy Intake and Exhaust seat material.
  • Steel Valve Guides with Bronze liners.
  • O-Ringed Intake ports for optimum seal and ease of assembly.
  • Decks machined for AJPE designed Jr Hoops @ +.018 protrusion above deck.
  • Bare cylinder head weight 43 lbs.
  • Accepts 1.670 triple springs. (2.200 installed height with +.100 retainer)
  • ½” head studs with steel hat washers installed.
  • Accepts AJPE Stage I and II Pistons, Header flanges, Valve covers, Rocker assembly, & Intake manifolds.
  • All head studs are accessible from the top of the cylinder head. No inner head studs to deal with.
  • Manifold can remain in place when removing cylinder heads from engine for ease of service.
  • Machined to accept 14mm x .750 reach, “Gasket style” 13/16 hex spark plugs.
  • High Strength, Made in the USA 6061-T651 Aluminum Billet material.
  • 100% CNC Ported for AJPE Accuracy, Performance & Consistency.
  • Supplied completely finished ready to assemble out of the box.


2.400 Intake Valve
507cc   4.500 Bore
(#07 program)
1.900 Exhaust Valve
199cc   4.500 Bore
(#07 program)








 All flow tests performed on Super Flow 1020 @ 28”, Exhaust tested w/ 2.500” od. pipe.


01B-002-07-JH   481-X Stage II Billet Cylinder Heads, 45° Valve seats. Program #07. Bare, CNC ported ready to assemble, with Jr Hoops @ .018 out. (without Girdle Plates) (pair)