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4.9” Bore Center Stg II Pro Stock Cyl Hds.

AJPE Stage II 4.9 Olds Bore Center Pro-Stock

Cylinder Head


AJPE’s 4.900 symmetrical port DRCE Oldsmobile Cylinder head,Fully ported, or cubed

versions available


Standard Features Include:

  • NHRA approved A-356-T6 Alloy Castings.
  • All castings are “hipped” and pressure tested.
  • Heat treated to AJPE specs to reduce cracking common to GM supplied castings.
  • Finished versions are fully CNC machined and ready for assembly.
  • Finished heads offered with AJPE one piece rocker stands or Jesel individual stands.
  • AJPE finished heads require a 4.680 minimum bore diameter.
  • 2.500 thru 2.550 Intake Valve Diameters Available.
  • 1.800 thru 1.850 Exhaust Valve Diameters Available.
  • 10° x 6° Intake Valve Angle.
  • 5° x 1° Exhaust Valve Angle.
  • Cubed versions available upon request.
  • All castings are machined for 7/16 steel hat washer inserts and end water fittings.
  • 100% CNC Ported for AJPE Accuracy, Performance & Consistency.


All AJPE 4.9 cylinder heads are designed and machined per order. AJPE 4.9 heads are custom built to your specifically to your target engine design.

Contact AJPE for information regarding our private label or proprietary port designs. We have the ability to digitize and replicate your current head design, and modify to your specifications as desired.

 (805) 922-1202