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Super Team

4.9" Bore Center Pro Stock Gaskets



4.9” Bore Center Pro Stock Valve Cover Gaskets


AJPE 4.9" Pro-Stock Stage I & II Valve Cover Gasket: Steel core teflon coated paper .078" thick. (set)


4.9” Bore Center Pro Stock Intake Manifold Gaskets


AJPE 4.9" Pro-Stock Stage II Intake Gaskets, with "Tilted" intake ports. (set)


4.9” Bore Center Pro Stock Exhaust Gaskets


AJPE 4.9" Pro-Stock Stg I & II Exhaust Gaskets: Graphite coated steel core fiber. (set)


4.9 Pro-Stock Stage I & II Exhaust Gasket: Embossed Copper. (set)

Engine Blocks


AJPE  Billet Engine Blocks dominate many forms of racing, from Top Fuel & Funny Car, Blown Alky Pro Modified to Tractor Pulling, Drag Boats and more. AJPE is home of the TFX Hemi & TFX Light Hemi Billet Blocks, 481-X Billet Block & the 5300 Hemi Billet Block. The world famous AJPE TFX Hemi Billet Block has won more Top Fuel World Championships than any other engine, and continues to dominate in 2015.  Read More >>

Cylinder Heads

Cylinder Heads

AJPE Billet Cylinder Heads have been the choice of champions worldwide for decades. AJPE leads the industry with the latest engineering, technology, and manufacturing processes.AJPE prides itself on doing everything in house, beginning with initial product Design, R&D, to Cnc Programming and finally manufacturing the finished parts.AJPE is known around the world for its products having the highest quality standards in the racing industry, making them the only choice of Champions!  Read More >>