AJPE offers a full range of repair services for your AJPE  Billet Block or Billet Cylinder Heads.

AJPE can provide most cylinder head repair services, from the usual valve job / freshen up, to valve seat and valve guide replacement, welding and re-machining, re-surfacing and replacing O-rings, to port and chamber updates as available.

All cylinder head and block repairs done at AJPE are performed by the same technicians and on the exact same CNC machines that originally produced your valuable parts, thus ensuring that they are returned to the original specifications and the same performance as new.

Please contact our technicians here at AJPE for a consultation prior to sending us your parts to be repaired as this will allow us to better serve you.

Note: AJPE will not repair any Cast Engine Blocks, and we prefer to repair only AJPE Billet Cylinder Heads.

Please contact for any Cylinder Head Repair Services Requests.

For Block Repairs please contact .